Thursday, January 19, 2017

First time using a knitting loom

It's almost 3am right now so of course I'm up late playing with yarn.

I used a knitting loom for the first time and I made a pink beanie!




I'm hoping that the next time I say something ridiculous to try to get a rise out of someone and I happen to be wearing this that they respond by saying, "Shut up Meg." <3

I used this video to help me learn how to use the loom:

It was pretty easy and quick to make. I used a loom with 36 pegs so it was the same as the one in the video. I made the brim on my hat by knitting 12 rows on the loom so when I folded it over it ended up being 6 rows which is about an inch and half of thickness for the rim.

And for future reference:
  • use worsted weight yarn
  • wrap the yarn around twice for each row
  • one inch = four rows of knitting
  • an adult hat should be about 8 inches, so 32 rows (but remember to factor in the brim being folded over if you include one!)
  • leave a long tail to finish gathering it up at the end
  • use the next loom up from the 36 peg loom to make large our slouchy style beanies

Thursday, June 16, 2016

New blog!

Welcome to my brand new arts and crafts blog! I've been making art for a long time now but am starting to get more serious about making more intricate bigger pieces and promoting my Etsy shop:

I am going to dedicate this blog to posting cool patterns and ideas for projects I find, tutorials, places to get supplies, progress shots of projects I'm working on, new items I'll be selling and general awesome arts and crafts related stuff that I want to share! I make most of my work freehand based on my own designs so rather than try to explain the somewhat random and crazy process I used to make my work I wanted to just be able to show people progress shots so they can get a clearer idea of how I do things. I'm really excited to get into doing this because right now I'm working on a couple of really big projects that I want to show off the process and I even have some new supplies like a laser cutter/engraver and a 3D printer that I'm going to get soon and really want to get good at using. It's a new era of art for me! Enjoy!

You can also find my art stuff on the following sites: