Thursday, June 16, 2016

New blog!

Welcome to my brand new arts and crafts blog! I've been making art for a long time now but am starting to get more serious about making more intricate bigger pieces and promoting my Etsy shop:

I am going to dedicate this blog to posting cool patterns and ideas for projects I find, tutorials, places to get supplies, progress shots of projects I'm working on, new items I'll be selling and general awesome arts and crafts related stuff that I want to share! I make most of my work freehand based on my own designs so rather than try to explain the somewhat random and crazy process I used to make my work I wanted to just be able to show people progress shots so they can get a clearer idea of how I do things. I'm really excited to get into doing this because right now I'm working on a couple of really big projects that I want to show off the process and I even have some new supplies like a laser cutter/engraver and a 3D printer that I'm going to get soon and really want to get good at using. It's a new era of art for me! Enjoy!

You can also find my art stuff on the following sites: